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Special Survey Results (annexation)

Below are the results of the Sylvania Annexation Survey.  The survey was created and posted online Sunday December 8, the results were tallied and made public at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday December 10, at which time the information was also provided to the Lucas County Commissioners.  (data download/spreadsheet was also provided for verification)

Survey has remained online and voting has continued.  You may still submit your vote and view the current tally, however you may only vote once. (click to view survey page)

Additional background information:
To view the letters & information mailed out to Sylvania Township residents click below

Sylvania Cookbook


(votes were counted up until 9:00 a.m. 12/10/19)


  1)  I am a:

  • City of Sylvania resident: 140

  • resident near Sylvania City & Township but I do not live in Sylvania:  8

  • Former resident of Sylvania:  11

  • Sylvania Township resident:  342

2)  Regarding the City of Sylvania annexation of Sylvania Township property, I feel:

  • concerned about this issue: 264

  • I really don't care about this issue: 11

  • mildly interested in this issue: 72

  • Passionate about this issue: 154

  3) Concerning the current forced annexation issue, I believe:

  • I don't care if the City is allowed to annex Township property.:  5

  • I do not know because I need more information.:  63  

  • I am AGAINST this annexation.  The City SHOULD NOT be allowed to annex Township property in this manner.:  353 

  • I am FOR this annexation. The City SHOULD be allowed to annex Township property in this manner.:  80 


4) Do you believe the City of Sylvania has been too aggressive in its recent annexation efforts?

  • I am not sure: 100

  • Yes: 325

  • No: 76

Optional Comments Submitted with Survey

(these are the comments submitted up until 9:00 a.m. 12/10/19)

Comments from those labeling themselves as Sylvania Township residents 
“The services wouldn't be worth the additional taxes. This is to instantly increase their revenues instead of utilizing efficiency standards to reduce spending. It will also greatly impact property values lagely on a negative scale. No added value of services, but huge negative financial impact on families.” 

“Blackmail. The City if Sylvania is quoted in the Blade as stopping delivery of water to Township residents if they don’t agree to be Annexed. It is purely a money grab by Sylvania City.” 

“As a Township resident, forced annexation should never be permitted.” 

“I live in the township. At this time, my main concern is the outsourcing of emergency dispatch. I’m seriously concerned that this will slow response times in our community. As a medical professional, faster access to care can mean a large difference in outcome.” 

“Township- We were not informed of any such agreement when we purchased our home nor do we have any such written disclosure in our closing documents stating that our property had a "water service agreement" and would be subject to annexation. The annexation letter from the City of Sylvania was confusing, misleading, and failed to provide crucial information such as: the reason for the petition, our rights, alternatives to signing the petition, what repercussions we would face if we did not sign the petition. No map was provided therefor it appears there are specific high value homes being targeted which could be subject to significant income tax. The City of Sylvania failed to provide any reason for the annexation, failed to provide evidence of a signed agreement, failed to provide honest evidence of benefits of the annexation. "Your property taxes will decrease but your income tax will increase." My property tax will decrease by 2630.00 per year but my income tax will increase far more. Honesty and transparency should have been conveyed as opposed to, "As you know" and "the simplest way to do this is." I have witnessed a City of Sylvania official using unprofessional language on social media stating "don't worry, we'll get him" when a resident was speaking out against the annexation. This behavior only reinforces the lack of trust and instills more worry in the township residents. We appreciate the support of the township in their efforts to educate us and ease our worries. “ 

“The City of Sylvania was very deceitful and coercive in the way they handled this matter.” 

“Township resident. I see no benefit for a township resident with the annexation” 

“Township. I'm not happy with the decision on 911 consolation, but in general prior have been pleased with township leadership.” 

“I am a township resident and am pleased by township government. The annexation effort feels like a money grab.” 

“I purposely purchased my property in the township not the city for the benefits it offered to me as an employee working and living in the township. If I were o be annexed it would totally defeat any reason I had to buy where I wanted to.” 

“Have lived in twp. For more than 50 years. Never ever approve of this, took advantage of twp citizens.Great news coverage” 

“Many residents of Sylvania township, including myself, chose the township over the city limits due to the small town services, benefits, and atmosphere only a small township structure can provide. We do not want the big city politics, bureaucratic red tape, and issues. We live our township and want it preserved and in tact. The way the city of Sylvania has gone about this whole process is wrong and a bit sneaky. Looking to annex “high rent” property to cripple a townships tax base is completely un-American and unconstitutional. Our forefathers would be VERY disappointed if this annexation was allowed to take place.” 

“Absolutely not. I will move elsewhere.” 

“Township resident. I don’t follow the city government closely enough to rate performance.” 

“Township. I do not agree with the building being done in downtown Sylvania. More unnecessary loss of green space, and more traffic. We are a suburban area, not downtown Toledo. I moved here for a slower pace of life.” 

“I think the residents in the township should be allowed to vote on this issue of annexation, and not forced to sign a petition. Township resident” 

“Against annexation of any part of Sylvania township” 

“I specifically moved to the township. I didn't want to live in the city. All the services are great in the township. I feel they are better than in the city.” 

“It's time to resolve this issue once and for all. The city needs to stop destroying the township and small government parcel by parcel” 

“It seems as if parts of the Township are being targeted based on income. If you are going to annex, then you need to make it for the whole township...not who you decide makes more money. This is discrimination based on one's income. Why are only a few areas getting hit? Why are some people being targeted? These people use everything the other's do...schools, roads, police, fire, etc.. If we wanted to live within the CIty limits, then we would have. You raise these peoples taxes this might be hard passing levies that you need. People just won't have the money you think they have. This is basically a land grab and money maker for the city.” 

“I have lived in Sylvania Township for 3 years and can’t see how my neighborhood becoming Sylvania City would change anything. However, I am not in the area being discussed for annexation so I haven’t paid much attention to it; I also moved to Toledo from out of state and have never lived in another state with “townships,” so I’ve never really been clear on what that means or why it is a distinction. From what I have been able to tell in my time in Sylvania Township, there’s no discernible difference between us and the City of Sylvania. For example, we pay property taxes at what I assume are Sylvania rates (they’re certainly not Toledo rates given how high they are at over $1000 a month), we are zoned for Sylvania schools, we have Sylvania leaf pickups, etc. I understand the frustration of buying a home and having the municipality designation change, so I’m sympathetic to the homeowners in the neighborhood under question. However, I would only consider selling my house if in their shoes my neighborhood were to become Toledo, not Sylvania, given the implications for school quality and housing value if the move went in that direction. Moving from Township to City doesn’t seem to matter too much for housing value. When we moved from out of state, we just wanted mature trees, a nice neighborhood, and good schools, we certainly didn’t care whether the house was in a Township or City (although, to be fair, we didn’t really know what that meant at the time).” 

"I am in Sylvania Township, we are looking to buy a new house but I do not want to live IN Sylvania because I feel they abuse their citizens. They always ask for more money and the recent raise in property value to gouge more property taxes was a dirty ploy against Sylvania residents. There seems to be very little accountability for Sylvania government and I am concerned they are fiscally irresponsible. I also have concerns about what’s going on in Sylvania highschools including the forced drug testing which is unconstitutional and also very expensive. Why is Sylvania warring against their own citizens? It’s concerning and upsetting. If Sylvania wants to grow their tax payer base they need to be more fair and trust worthy. I do not trust them and will avoid living IN Sylvania as much as possible making a decision to move includes considering the taxes I feel for the communities Sylvania is attacking because If Sylvania wins this annexation those people will see twice the tax rate and that seems like robbery to me. They play dirty and I think it’s very unfair " 

"This is simply another money grab by Sylvania that has an actual annexation committee. Under the guise of providing basin human services (water) to residents. There are no legitimate reasons for the annexation, it is an attempt to move dollars from Sylvania Township coffers to those of City of Sylvania. The City should also be barred from all further steps to forcibly acquire jurisdiction of any other properties. We would also like to see an ethics violation investigation presented in this matter. Sadly, the township has not done enough to defend it's residents or interest in this matter. Though my property is securely entrenched in Sylvania Township, I'm worried that I could be the next victim." 
“The city tryed this same thing decades ago. Us TWP residents do not want annexation!” 

“Sylvania Township: Why hasn't the township done more to prevent the annexation from occurring?” 
“Township resident since 1985. The city is once again over-stepping their bounds. If gaining more tax revenue is an issue for them, then why have they granted so many 15- year tax abatement for $250K plus villas in the area. I am definitely against this annexation attempt. Very poor governance.” 

"The city of sylvania absolutely should not annex sylvania township. The township itself has is a great community with a great police and fire department. Also, we carry a higher standard in the township that the city of sylvania will be unable to fulfill.” 

“I purchased my Sylvania Township home in April of 2018. I am against the annexation of any homes within the township by the City of Sylvania as it would impact the benefits I chose specifically when purchasing my home.” 

“I am opposed to the annexation, thought he wording in the questions is stronger than I'd like. The City has the right to annex if it's going to provide services that aren't currently provided or could be provided in a much more cost effective manner, but I don't believe that is the case here. Based on what I know, which is likely not everything I should, I believe the Township provides an adequate level of service at a cost competitive with what the City can offer, so annexation isn't warranted. Whether the City has been "too aggressive" in its approach is questionable because I don't believe I have all the facts. So I answered yes because I believe it's unwarranted, despite the provocative way the question is worded. I do not live in the area currently under consideration for annexation, but I do have concerns that if this is allowed, future annexations will follow and I may well become part of the discussion. I would have liked the Township to be more proactive in educating Township residents about the issue, our rights as property owners, and the process through which things like this are considered and approved/declined.” 

“It is obvious City of Sylvania is and has been trying to absorb Sylvania Township.” 
“I would prefer status quo” 

“I'm a LiberLibertan. All government sucks.” 

“There should have been a more transparent effort from the city. Are there any officials that would benefit from the annexation?” 

“help the residences that have lived here forever not the new ones - At some point none was our going to afford to live in this area if we don't get some breaks esp since the quality of Sylvania's school are not up to par” 

“township resident. the citizens of the proposed annexation area should have the final vote on annexation. the way the city of Sylvania included the annexation order to the stack of documents to be signed during property closing seems devious and under handed.” 

“Any annexation moves should be put up for votes. We live in democracy and any totalitarian moves are NOT acceptable!!!” 

“It is the fact that the City of Sylvania CAN strong arm township citizens that really ticks me off. Is this legal?? How can this be?? Do we no longer in a free society??” 

“I purchased in 2019 in township. I signed nothing about future annexation to my knowledge. This is only the beginning if it is allowed.” 

"The township runs efficiently and cost effectively. We have no issues with seasonal collections. Leave the township alone to continue to serve its population without the politics that the City of Sylvania displays. Holding residents hostage to the water issue is a low class way for the City to coerce township residents to agree. It is degrading to the City of Sylvania to “point the gun” at township residents." 

“Moved to Township deliberately in 1988 from Bedford Township. Did not want the City of Sylvania then and most definitely am not interested 30+ years later. Underhanded, deceitful, lacking any scruples from the Mayor and Council. Embarrassed to have my address as Sylvania currently. Vehemently oppose this annexation.” 

“Township resident: This was already voted on by the people of the township and we voted not to become part of the city. I feel the city is just trying to slowly bypass the will of the people. No real value to township resident because schools, fire and other services are already merged. This was outlined in an independent study around the time of the voting.” 

Sylvania Cookbook

Optional Comments Submitted with Survey

(these are the comments submitted up until 9:00 a.m. 12/10/19)

Comments from those labeling themselves as City of Sylvania residents 

“I am against annexation.” 

“If there was a clause in a contract the property owners are responsible for following what the agreed to initially.” 

“The deeds for the proposed annexation neighborhoods have clauses saying this would happen so it should not have been a surprise to the residents. (City resident)” 

“Looking at the two government entities for operations, a city is better situated to serve its citizens. A township the size of Sylvania is too large and the rules on how they can operate are too restrictive to make it efficient for the size of the township. In the long term, this township will need to continuely raise taxes to survive, regardless of this annexation. Once people are tired of paying more taxes to remain a Township, either severe cuts in service will need to be made or a merger will be necessary. As a Township employee I see this first hand. On the water issue, water is used to successfully annex all over the state, it is a normal occurrence and should be allowed. An agreement was legally signed to support the annexation. Sylvania in reality should annex any property where it provides water or sanitary service, or merge with the Township to make one Sylvania, which is how most residents identify where they live already, regardless of the political subdivision where they reside.” 

“I have been a resident of the City for almost 30 years...I'm still amazed that the twnshp residents get all the perks of the city but continue to exclaim they are not residents of the city. It was a fact years in the twnshp the taxes are cheaper but you get all the perks of being a city resident. When the new jr high was built it was for twnshp, not city. I am all for annexation, it will increase our city size and hopefully offset the taxes needed for the city...why not? I've heard only reasons why we should annex, and no reasons why not. I do like that Sylvania is exclusive and small, but what does it really matter when the twnshp seems to benefit as much or more than the city residents, at a much lower cost. If not approving annexation, then increase fees for twnshp residents to use the city perks. Sylvania cannot grow anywhere and desperately needs to increase size to accomodate the needs of a growing city. I believe this is best for all of us.” 

“I don’t know why we have the two different governments. We should all be Sylvania residents.” 
“You signed the agreement and you should live up to it. Period. If you do not like it move. That is your prerogative. But you cannot come back after the fact and whine that it’s not fair. You chose to buy the house and sign this so you could get the water. If you were that opposed you had the option of not signing. You chose to sign and therefore are bound by your word. Persons of integrity and faith know that. They live it and do not choose to do otherwise. If they don’t then it says a lot about their faith and integrity.” 

“I do not feel it is fair to annex these folks. They spent a lot of time looking at houses & researching properties to find the perfect home for them. For whatever reason, they chose the township over the city. That was their prerogative. Now they are being forced to be part of the city. It not right or fair!!! Same as the school redistricting. A lot of us bought homes for a specific school & had to switch. Government controls too much!! Stop forcing us into stuff we do not choose!” 

“Concerned about the aggressive engagement of a certain city councilman on social media against constituents (both current and potential). I though we-as a community-were better than this.” 

“There is DEFINITELY some underhanded shady activity going on in the City of Sylvania government. Lots of self serving and backhanded dealings are happening and I really hope the powers that be know that most residents are seeing this activity and WE ARE NOT HAPPY ABOUT IT! YOU ARE NOT PROPERLY REPRESENTING THE CITY OR ITS RESIDENTS!! ESPECIALLY YOU MAYOR STOUGH! SHAMEFUL BEHAVIOR!” 

“City resident: It's simple...... You get the services, you pay the taxes like the rest of us; no free ride on my nickel.” 

“Forcing and government entity to bow to another is just wrong, no matter if its water, police, fire, dispatch...also forcing 911 consolidation is horrid let idea.. live on tamworth” 

“It has been voted down several times by the citizens.” 

“Since we are moving towards a regional water system, I see no benefit to those who are being forced into annexation. This issue may also prevent many families from 
buying homes in this area or the area surrounding for fear that this will happen to them in the future. At what time will this annexation negatively impact Sylvania Twp? At this point, I wonder if we shouldn't visit uniting Sylvania and Sylvania Twp into one city to save on city services since we have a weird division of safety, road, and services. We should be a community looking forward to more residential growth and embracing the future. We also need a strong economic plan for the future that does not waste money fighting battles such as this one. If all this time was spent on prudent economic plans, imagine what could have accomplished.” 

“If there is a signed agreement, then it should be honored by both parties. A contract is a contract. Tired of people wiggling out of signed agreements. I am under the opinion that their was an agreement to join the city in return for water suppy. Maybe that isn't true. A City Resident.” 

“It seems to me that the township residents don’t want annexed, so it should be up to them. The residents of the township should be aloud to vote on it. Nothing should be forced if not wanted.” 
“I think the two should be combined or merged into the city of Sylvania.” 

“We need to change the city officials in Sylvania city. There will be more unhappy Sylvania residents come next election, the better chance we have to change them.” 

“We as taxpayers have provided these services to those complaining township residents for years. The time is past due to fulfill their obligation. It amazes me that these residents express surprise at the clause at sale time. Instead of worrying about open floor plans and granite countertops, spend some time looking at some important things. If the possibility of becoming part of the City is so odious, then perhaps look somewhere else.” 

“We need a new mayor.” 

“The Township has voted for 911 consolidation taking the choice and power from the people.” 

“please Annex these Sylvania Township areas” 

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