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Protest planned for same afternoon, same place as Northview senior event

Two events are slated for Sunday afternoon, May 31 2020. *updated below

A protest is planned for Sunday May 31, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. in Sylvania Ohio.

The protest is posted on Facebook as an event hosted by a local group calling themselves "Fighting Injustice Together."  It is unknown if this is in collaboration with the national group "Fighting Injustice Together," which is based in South Carolina.

Also scheduled for this afternoon in the same vicinity is the Northview Drive-Thru for seniors, a parade beginning at 4:00 p.m. with parents and students scheduled to arrive earlier at 3:15 p.m.

take a break sautters

Below is the protest group's description of the event posted on social media:

"We will be meeting at Flower Hospital's parking lot around 1:50/1:55, and leave PROMPTLY at 2:00pm.


 We will walk to the Sylvania Municipal Building and at 2:30pm we will observe an 8 minute 46 second moment of silence in memory of George Floyd.  8 minutes 46 seconds is how long the officer had his knee on George Floyd's neck.  We encourage you to reflect and/or pray during those 8 minuter/46 second span of silence.  We will walk back to our cars after the moment of silence.  

Please observe safe social distancing.  Signs are welcome and encouraged, but please keep them "family friendly."   We believe that having our children join us in peaceful protests is a healthy way for families to bond and see that we are fighting to change THEIR future to be healthier and free of the hate and injustice that exists today.  

If you are unable/don't want to walk the distance, feel free to join us at the Municipal Building by 2:30 for the 8 minute 46 second moment of silence.  

We cannot stress this enough - THERE WILL BE TEENS, CHILDREN, TODDLERS, AND BABIES IN ATTENDANCE.  It is IMPERATIVE that you keep this protest peaceful.  We have intentionally planned it away from potential "danger zones."


The protest group also posted this on Facebook Saturday May 30:

"We have received 2 very positive messages. The first is from Flower Hospital, guiding us as to where to park. They are being EXTREMELY helpful, and we are very thankful for their assistance. Here are directions on where to park:

"We're OK with the group parking on the campus. To keep everything organized and safe, I'd ask that everyone park in the south lot nearest to the conference center entrance off Harroun Rd. The south lot is directly off Harroun Rd. and will provide the safest path from the hospital campus to the street as you walk north on Harroun towards Monroe St. Our security team is aware and will be around to help with any traffic congestion or way-finding as needed."

Also, Sylvania Police and administration has reached out to us to be of assistance as needed for safe paths to the municipal building. They too are being very helpful and we appreciate that as well.

Again, we want this to remain a safe and family friendly walk/protest. Please keep signs "PG" rated as kids will be in attendance."

Also posted in a Sylvania Facebook group is the following statement, posted under the Facebook profile name "Beth Davis": 

"Please let me introduce myself. I am the admin to the group and started the page on Facebook. We are existing to bring peaceful communication and spotlight to the extreme causes and roots of racism in this country. I live in Sylvania, my children have grown up in and are still in Sylvania schools, and I love this community. There will be no unrust as we have repeated over and over again in our event page, group, and everywhere else that this has been posted that this is a 100% peaceful, family friendly walk. I have spoken to Sylvania PD, as well as flower hospital. Peaceful protests are able to still occur. The events on Secor road yesterday remained peaceful the entire 4 hours that it was their. And also, Flint Michigan, which is one of the more volitile and racially charge cities in America, had a 100% peaceful protest that lasted well into the night. This will only be an hour, and the point is to bring awareness and discussion and a spotlight regarding racism.

Finally I am a white mother and my children are black. My heart has been destroyed the past week when I watched the video of George Floyd. I cannot sit with my hands in my pockets and look the other way anymore.

Please feel free to reach out to me on Facebook if you have any more questions. Thank you."

The other previously scheduled event, a Drive Thru Recognition and Goodbye in honor of the Northview Senior Class of 2020,  is slated to take place in the same area as the protest and to start at 4:00 p.m.  The drive thru route will begin at Maplewood on Judy Young Dr., proceed south on Silica and out to Convent, ending at Convent Blvd.   The protest is slated to culminate with a gathering at City Hall, which is at the same intersection where the Drive Thru will be starting (Judy Young Dr and Monroe Street, next to Maplewood School).

The graduating students will be lined up along Silica Rd six feet apart, maintaining proper protocol by the State Health Department.  Parents, family friends, and community members are asked to decorate their cars with signs, balloons, streamers, etc. to show their excitement for the Grads.

click here for the Drive Thru facebook event

A Sylvania Township Police representative stated today that the department is aware of the protests happening in the area, including at Franklin Park Mall Sunday at 3:00 p.m., and they have been communicating with other police departments in the area to keep abreast of the situation.  The City of Sylvania has posted on their Facebook page that they are aware of the protest.

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