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Sylvania Schools issue statement on Critical Race Theory
Superintendent, School Board President address rising concerns

District Statement
Regarding Critical Race Theory

June 24, 2021
Good Afternoon Sylvania Schools Families,
In recent weeks our school district and board members have begun to field questions about Critical Race Theory (CRT) and more specifically, whether CRT will find its way into our classrooms. The purpose of today’s communication is to share the Sylvania Schools’ position with regard to this very sensitive and highly charged topic.

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To be very clear, the Sylvania Schools Board of Education has not and will not be voting to adopt any curriculum that incorporates CRT.
In Sylvania Schools, as with all Ohio public schools, students learn about the impact of race on American culture and history through the social studies curriculum. That curriculum is based on Ohio’s learning standards (Ohio's Learning Standards | Ohio Department of Education), and these standards guide material purchases, lesson development, test preparation, and all other content related to instructional implementation. The last update to the Ohio K to 12 social studies standards by the Ohio Department of Education was in 2018. There are no proposed curriculum changes planned for the K to12 social studies curriculum.
For those interested in learning more about how race or topics related to race are addressed in the ODE’s Learning Standards, we encourage you to explore those standards (Ohio's Learning Standards | Ohio Department of Education).
The quality of teaching and learning in Sylvania Schools is exceptional, and we will continue our efforts to exceed community expectations in the education provided to our students. To this end, we will continue to provide an academic program, based on Ohio State Learning Standards, that empowers our student population to excel and thrive in their pursuit of post-secondary education, military or trade.
Julie Hoffman
President, Board of Education

Dr. Veronica Motley

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