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What was in the Sylvania morning sky?
Wednesday October 20, 2021
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October 20, 2021, Sylvania, Ohio--

Sylvania is abuzz with talk of aliens and supernatural phenomena today, a day which also happens to be thought by many as one of the spookiest--and strangest-- days on the calendar:  The full moon of October arrives today.

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Lifelong Sylvania resident Krista Glenn was heading east on Monroe Street this morning, and just when she was about to cross the railroad tracks near the fire station she looked up and saw a strange sight in the sky--Two streaks of light plummeting toward the ground at a high speed, with a ball of flames at the bottom and what looked like smoke behind.

"I have NEVER seen anything like it before, which is why it stood out to me," said Glenn.  "I started looking at the cars next to me to see if anyone else was watching it, but everyone seemed to be looking at their phones."

Glenn snapped a picture and posted it on social media, and hilarity ensued as posted comments ranged from "War of the Worlds" and "A new Amazon spaceship" to "Covid-related" and "SAJRD having building supplies air dropped for the new rec center."  Others speculated it was "North Korea," "China," or even "The ceiling of the dome falling in."

Many also posted that they heard one or two loud booms around the same time Ms. Glenn took the picture, which was 7:35 a.m.  Some stated they felt their houses shake.

Most have speculated that this morning's strange sight in the sky was nothing more than a meteor shower, but, since it is the day of October's full moon, it definitely is more fun to lean toward the strange and unexplained.

Today is the first full moon of fall, the “hunter’s moon,” and it reached peak illumination at 10:57 a.m. Eastern Time today,  according to NASA.  The moon will appear full through Thursday morning, and it coincides with the Orionids meteor shower.  The meteor shower is said to be producing an average of 20 meteors per hour. The meteor shower will peak Wednesday night through early Thursday morning.

As far as the loud booms reported to have been heard--and felt--by numerous Sylvania residents, It is possible that the meteors were the cause.  According to several scientific organizations and as explained by

"Occasionally when a meteorite is witnessed to find its way to Earth, it will present a very impressive visual show as it burns through the atmosphere. Even less common though, are the occasions when witnesses are able to actually hear audible sounds associated with the falling meteor. These have been described in many various ways such as: whistling, popping, booming, thunderous, whizzing, whirling, whirring, crackling, drumming, rumbling, humming, roaring and more. Sometimes these sounds are the result of the meteor's high velocity and the resultant 'sonic boom' which can also be felt. Sometimes witnesses have described the ground shaking or windows rattling from these booms."

What did you see and hear this morning?

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Photo taken by Krista Glenn near downtown Sylvania, October 20, 2021, 7:35 a.m.