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"After All These Years, Ohio's Still Cooking!" 2020 Sylvania Edition 
with foreword written by Gordon Ward

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Everyone loves a trip back in time, to the good old days of
Sylvania, Ohio!

Guaranteed to thrill and amaze!

What an adventure!  From old news clippings that tell the story of Sylvania, like the last official bear-sighting in Sylvania, to old ads showcasing all your favorites like Lindau's, Holliday's, the Drive-in Auto Theatre and many more...This is the book that brings Sylvania's history alive in a way that's fun & endearing for Sylvania City & Township fans of all ages!  PLUS it's jam-packed with Sylvania  trivia and secret family recipes!

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After These Years, Ohio's Still Cooking!  Sylvania 2020 Edition

with Foreword written by Gordon Ward, longtime Sylvania resident and legendary TV news broadcaster.  Proceeds benefit Sylvania Township firefighters to assist their charitable efforts.

The original 2019 publication by author Amanda Kay has been revised, updated, and improved, with  one hundred new additional pages of old-tyme fun & nostalgia, plus the "Sautter's Special!" includes the story of Sautter's Market, from 1927 to today.


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Celebrating 200 years of Ohio's friendly, fun, and flavorful history.  Vintage photos, old newspaper clippings, and Ohio trivia add to the nostalgia of these treasured tales, secret family recipes, and little bits of history behind the Sylvania, Ohio cooks who created it all.  Some names you already know, and some you'll be glad to meet.  Over 50 Recipes included, spanning a decade of locally published cooking & history articles.  Considered to be an Ohio version of a bathroom reader, this book is fun to read & flip through wherever you call home.  Cook & eat, read and relax, and enjoy!  Paperback in black & white, over 300 pages.

Gordon Ward

Gordon and Connie Ward

Gordon and Connie Ward are TV legends in Northwest Ohio.  Gordon joined WTOL news in 1958.  He met Connie Harlan, who played "Miss Judy" on Romper Room, and the two were wed on live TV in 1962.  They made their home in Sylvania, and have lived here in the same house all these years.  The Wards are big fans of Sautter's Market, and they partnered with Jim Sautter in 2020 to bring you the "Sautter's Special!"

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