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Sylvania Franciscan Sisters invent "Thrive" board game
Will Mr. Cough or Minnie Mask infect you?

Sr. Nancy Linenkugel, OSF  has invented a board game focusing on "thriving" during COVID.
Will  Mr. Cough or Minnie Mask infect you?

"We’re all spending more time at home and in the house, so why not do something enjoyable during that self-imposed separation while emphasizing the precautions of social distancing, hand washing, and hand sanitizing?"

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The game can easily be played both in-person around the family table as well as in an online format.

Sister Nancy tested the game with her family using an on-line format.  The adults enjoyed it, one used it with her grade-school aged grandchildren, and one is a junior high health teacher who is using it with her students.

To download the game, click here: 

 Download the Thrive Board Game – Keeping Safe During COVID

The Sisters call the game a gift from them to the community.

The Sisters are also taking additional measures on campus, to assure that all members of the community, especially the senior sisters, remain well and cared for.  While COVID has closed their physical spaces, they continue to offer hospitality and virtual spirituality through:

  • Welcoming outside walkers on our 89-acre campus

  • Live Streaming of Sunday Mass from Queen of Peace Chapel continues at 9:00 a.m.  Weekdays at 8:00 a.m.  The web site to view is:  (Once reaching this web site you will be asked for a password.  The password is Sisters!! )

  • All Good Things Art and Gifts is closing for two weeks after December 23, visit their web page for more info: All Good Things

COVID19 guidelines for the Sisters of St. Francis campus and Lourdes University can be viewed here. COVID 2020

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