Enjoy a little Throwback Thursday fun!

The year was 1958, and if you lived in Sylvania, Ohio you could pick up a carton of milk for 37 cents at Sautter's on Main Street. 

Also occurring in the 1950's in Sylvania, in Ohio, and around the world:


-The Sylvania Police Department has one squad car, four full-time and four part-time officers. The chief of police makes a little over $400 per month.

-The firefighters of the Sylvania fire department are all volunteers.

-Play-Doh, Preparation H, and the first pressurized space suit are invented in Ohio.

-Sylvania has four elementary schools, one high school, about 4,320 students, and 145 teachers.

-Stranahan Elementary is built and St. Joe’s Parish School opens.

-The Sylvania Recreation Program is set up, and the activities offered the first summer are ping-pong, baseball, tennis, girl’s softball, and crafts for the younger ones.

-The World Series is broadcast in color for the first time.

-The U.S. is sending hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Vietnam.

-A live Atomic bomb test in Nevada is shown on national television.

-Marilyn Monroe is on the cover of Playboy.

-TV Guide magazine hits the newsstands

-MAD magazine is first published.

-The Fellowship of the Ring is published.

-The first roll-on deodorant is invented, Ban Roll-On.

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