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Sylvania Township News, June 12, 2020
by Mike Jones
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Notice of Sylvania Township Trustees Regular Meeting  June 2020

The Sylvania Township Trustees will hold a Regular Meeting at 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 16, 2020. The public may attend the meeting electronically via telephone at (877) 568-4106 using the Access Code 677-255-877 or via their computer, tablet or smartphone at If any citizen would like to test the technology in advance of the meeting they are encouraged to contact Township Administrator Oliver Turner at

Sylvania News

 Zone  June 12, 2020

Updating Sylvania Township’s Zoning Resolution has led to the discovery of some long-unused classifications such as “tourist camp,” a forerunner of motels which are defined in other sections of the resolution.

Tourist camps were groupings of small single buildings suitable for people who needed a place to stay overnight.

sylvania history buffs celebrating sylva

Combing through the document also revealed a lack of any regulation for wind turbines, a more modern structure, for which there is a need for control if anyone seeks to locate one in the township.

Daryl Graus, manager of the Sylvania Township planning and zoning department, said it has been interesting to work through the Resolution in an effort to update the document.

Last September Sylvania Township trustees approved a contract with Reveille, Ltd., of Bowling Green, to update, and where possible, simplify the document.

Mr. Graus said the Resolution has been added to over the years by different resolutions from trustees, but has not had a thorough review and updating for at least 20 years.

Glen Grisdale, president of Reveille, noted that over time any document can get unwieldy when added to periodically but without an overall review.

Mr. Graus, who has been working with the firm on the project, said he has been looking for ways to cut down on the total of seven different categories for residential properties.

The document may see changes of that sort, to more finely-honed definitions of planning terms.

The Resolution is the written compilation of rules and resolutions controlling land use in the township.

The Township Zoning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals refer to it in making decisions on zoning issues and developers refer to it in determining if a project is feasible.

The project is slated to continue through most of this year.

Mr. Graus said one of his aims is to see to it that the document is streamlined an easier to read.

He did say it is likely that the phrase “tourist camp” won’t appear in the updated Resolution.

 Senior  June 9, 2020

Sylvania Township trustees have approved placing a 0.42-mill renewal levy on the November ballot for the Sylvania Senior Center.

Claire Proctor, director of Sylvania Community Services which manages the center, said a renewal of the five-year operating levy will allow for the center to maintain programs and staff. The facility’s budget will remain generally as it is.


The levy, she said, provides about $550,000 annually, which is 77 percent of the senior center’s revenue. Other sources are income from programs, grants and donations and about $90,000 from the Lucas County Area Office on Aging.

Ms. Proctor said there have recently been some savings due to a schedule of changing over to LED lighting, renegotiating some fees for instructors and bringing outdoor maintenance in-house.

She noted that the Sylvania Senior Center has been accredited by the National Institute of Senior Centers/National Council on Aging.

Ms Proctor added that fewer than two percent of the country’s 15,000 senior center get that accreditation.

Among other things, the center has a computer room, a woodworking shop, a room for billiards, a gym and a library.

Courses are available in computers, yoga and other interests.

There are programs in such things as nutrition and estate planning.

There is also a large lunchroom where a nutritious meal is available each day.

Ms. Proctor noted that, if passed, the levy would cost the owner of a $200,000 home about $27 annually.

Julie Graf, director of the center since 2003, said the center serves 2,200 individual visitors to the center each year.

She said that she and her staff work to provide programming which will involve seniors as a means of reducing the feeling of isolation some develop.

She and Ms. Proctor both pointed to the fact that many seniors may be retired, a spouse might die, any children might not be available.

Those changes are difficult and many of the programs available at the senior center involve collaboration.

She related three examples of people who had been feeling isolated or adrift, but became active members of the center sometimes by direct help from members of the staff or just by making friends there.

 TARTA  June 4, 2020

Sylvania Township trustees have voted unanimously to allow Lucas County to join as a member of the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority.

Including the county will make it possible for TARTA to place an issue on the November ballot, replacing two property tax levies with a county-wide, sales tax of 0.5 percent for funding transit operations.

The measure will also include Rossford, which is a TARTA member, but is not in Lucas County.

TARTA had made two previous presentations to the trustees during which there were discussions about the taxing issue and plans for TARTA’s future.

The vote at the most recent trustees’ meeting took place without discussion.

The authority needs the approval of boards or councils of all seven members to admit the county as a member jurisdiction.

Kimberly Dunham, general manager of TARTA, has said that if the issue passes, the additional funds will be used to reinstate recent service cuts, expand services throughout the county and keep
cash available to use as local matching funds for federal grants to purchase new vehicles.

She said it is TARTA’s intention to use vehicles which are the appropriate size for the expected number of passengers,  to alter routes so passengers don’t all have to go to downtown Toledo and transfer to reach their destination and to provide direct service to key shopping and employment sites.

TARTA is the only major transit authority in Ohio which uses property taxes for its local tax subsidy.

 Helberg  June 4, 2020

Thomas Helberg, the longest current serving member of the Sylvania Township Board of Zoning Appeals, has resigned from the
that position.

Mr. Helberg has been on the board for about 18 years and has served as its chairman.

In a brief letter of resignation he said he had recently sold his home and moved to a condominium in the city of Sylvania.

He noted that, “being on this board was always rewarding and I am so grateful to all the board members and support staff I have worked with over the years.

“I will miss the interaction with all of you and the residents and business owners of Sylvania Township. I’m
glad I was able to at least try to give something back to our very special community.”

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