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Sylvania Township News, October 21 2021
by Mike Jones
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Budget  October 21, 2021

At the three-quarter mark in Sylvania Township’s fiscal year, each of its four budgeted departments is under the 75 percent mark for expenditures which could be expected at that point.

Dave Simko, township fiscal officer, said that it is impressive that none had even reached 70 percent in their expenditures for the year through September.

 Mr. Simko noted that in the budget process the township doesn’t allow for falsely inflated numbers so that it is easy to come in under budget.

“Now that we are this far through the year,” he said, “the numbers suggest that everyone in the township is mindful of the need to be good stewards of the taxpayers money.”

 Mr. Simko noted that the revenue side of the township’s budget is generally pretty steady as it relies on tax receipts.

“Expenditures is where we can control the budget and we’ve been doing a good job,” he said.

The township’s general fund in the first nine months of the year has spent about $1.2 million, or 62.4 percent of its annual budget.  The road and bridge fund shows expenditures of approximately $1.5 million or 61.4 percent of its budget. 

The police department has had expenditures of $5.6 million or 67 percent of its budget and expenditures by the fire department have been $7.2 million–67.4 percent of its budget.

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Meeting  October 20, 2021
Sylvania Township trustees have decided to move their next regularly-scheduled meeting back one day from election day, Nov. 2.

Trustees determined that they will hold their next meeting Nov. 3 at 5 p.m.

As always,  the public is invited to attend the meeting at the township building, 4927 Holland-Sylvania Rd.

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Halloween   October 20, 2021

Sylvania Township police remind drivers to take extra precautions on Halloween when costumed youngsters might be paying more attention to the sweets they have collected rather than minding pedestrian safety rules.

Lt. Sarah Toth, of the department’s community affairs section, said officers in her unit will be patrolling residential neighborhoods and those on regular patrol  duty will also swing into those areas of the township when their duties allow.

Trick-or-Treat hours are approved on Oct. 31 this year from 6 to 7:30 p.m.

While youngsters are getting dressed in their costumes, the lieutenant said, officers will be busy stockpiling candy in their patrol cars.

The lieutenant said it has become something of a tradition in the department that officers hand out candy to youngsters on Halloween.

She noted that they, of course, will adhere to any safety protocols issued by agencies regarding best practices due to the pandemic.

The department has suggested that parents and children might consider carrying a flashlight or a glow stick to raise visibility. Parents also might consider putting reflective tape on costumes.

Although police officers look forward to being part of the fun of Halloween, their first duty will be to safeguard the community so use extra caution when you’re driving on Halloween.

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Leaves  October 15, 2021

Leaf collection in Sylvania Township has begun, but early progress has been slow, according to Rob Nash, superintendent of the township road and service department.

Not slow for lack of effort, but slow for lack of leaves.

Unusually warm weather, with the right amount of rain has kept the leaves contentedly clinging to their branches, in many cases still fully green, he said.

As a general rule, he said, crews prefer an early leaf drop in order to avoid freezing rain or snow which is more likely toward the end of the annual pickup.

Not only is bad weather unpleasant to work in, but wet and sometimes frozen piles of leaves are difficult to pick up and are hard on the machinery used in the task.

The department intends to make three sweeps of the township’s 177.64 miles of road.

It can take about 17 days for crews to complete one cycle through the township.

Their progress can be followed daily on the road department section of the Sylvania Township website. It displays a township map with 23 grids.  An accompanying chart designates which grids have been completed.  Information is also available on a recorded message at 419-517-1620.

Leaves should be piled at the roadside, but not in the roadway and should not be in bags.

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