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Sylvania Township News, September 24, 2020
by Mike Jones
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FIRST JEDD MEETING  September 24, 2020
The first meeting of the directors of the first Joint Economic Development District agreement between Sylvania Township and the city of Sylvania resulted in, among other things, beginning the process of instituting a 1.5 percent income tax on those in the district.

The city will be responsible for the administration of the district’s taxation issues and William Sanford, a member of the board and the city’s director of economic development, said the city’s taxation office is ready to take on those duties.

The district, 4220 Holland-Sylvania Rd., is the campus of what is generally known as Oakleaf Village.

An official of Wallick Communities, the owners of Oakleaf, said the company intends for their employees to not see a reduction in their net income.

The board of directors is responsible for the maintenance of the district and that will be one of the primary uses for the tax funds collected.

The city will retain 2 percent of collections for administrative costs. After deductions for a maintenance fund and administrative costs, any funds remaining will be split between the city and the township.

Board members left it primarily to Mr. Sanford and board member Oliver Turner, administrator of Sylvania Township, to identify someone to take the position of chairman of what would then become a five-member board.

Mr. Turner volunteered to find someone to act as board secretary.

The board also determined that it will adhere to the sunshine laws of the state of Ohio in terms of open meetings and public records. They also voted to obtain liability insurance.

The board set its next meeting for Oct. 19.

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2020 Trick-or-Treat  September 23, 2020
Ghosts and goblins will be free to roam the streets of Sylvania Township Oct. 31 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., according to action taken by township trustees.

In addition to the witches and warlocks wandering residential areas, there will also be an increased police presence in an effort to curb any reckless driving which might endanger costumed youngsters.

Lieutenant Sarah Toth said police officers will concentrate on residential neighborhoods and will have lights flashing as they slowly patrol.

In what has become something of a tradition in the Sylvania Township police department, officers will also be armed with candy for the costumed little beggars.

“Our officers will have sanitizer and gloves, and try to maintain distance, but they want to interact with the community as much as possible,” she said.

Due to the pandemic, she said it is unlikely that youngsters will be invited to sit inside the patrol cars, as they have in the past.

Nevertheless, Lt. Toth said, the aim of the department is to keep Halloween night safe and enjoyable for the young trick-or-treaters.

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TOWNSHIP FUNDS  September 23, 2020
Tax receipts for Sylvania Township have so far not been reduced by difficulties in the general economy due to the pandemic, according to David Simko, township fiscal officer.

He told Sylvania Township trustees that funds have actually seen small increases in revenue, “but we still have to keep our guard up,” he said.

Through August this year, the township has receipts of $20,308,712, compared to $19,995,858 at the same time last year.

Mr. Simko noted that the figures represent most of what will be collected for the year.

“It’s good news,” he said, “but I can’t help being concerned about early 2021.”

He added that Oliver Turner, township administrator, and department heads had developed plans in case there was a shortfall this year, and have begun budget discussions for next year.

“I hope we don’t have to institute anything due to reduced receipts, but I don’t think anyone knows how long this pandemic will hang around or how great an economic effect it may eventually have,” Mr. Simko said.

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