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Sylvania Township News, October 21, 2020
by Mike Jones
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STPD Halloween 2020  October 21, 2020
Each year the Sylvania Township Police Department issues some guidelines hoping to ensure that everyone can enjoy a happy and safe Halloween.

This year is no different, however, the list is a little longer due to the addition of cautions related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In that regard, the department asks residents and trick-or-treaters to consider traveling only in small groups and limiting the number of houses visited. They also suggest that youngsters not congregate together, avoid gatherings, and maintain a 6-ft. distance from others. The ghosts and goblins should have a face covering and continue to wash their hands and use sanitizer.

The department also suggests that anyone feeling ill should not pass out candy.

As is usual, police warn motorists to be particularly alert because youngsters can be excited and unpredictable. They also caution to be sure your auto’s lights are on.

Parents and children, in an effort to be more visible, can carry glow sticks and reflective tape can be placed on costumes. It’s also a good idea to carry a flashlight to raise visibility and to see potential tripping hazards. Children should never dart into the street nor attempt to cross a street between parked cars.

The approved time, according to the Sylvania Township trustees is Oct. 31 from 6 to 7:30 p.m., for trick-or-treating.

There will also be an increased police presence during that time in residential areas in an effort to curb any reckless driving.

In what has become something of a tradition in the Sylvania Township police department, officers will also be armed with candy for the costumed little beggars.

This year, officers will try to maintain a distance from the youngsters although still trying to interact with the community as much as possible.

They will use sanitizer and wear gloves when handing out goodies this year.

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Stranahan Elementary Decorates Leaf Collection Box  October 21, 2020
When the Sylvania Township Service Department was finished manufacturing a large steel box for use in leaf collection, Rob Nash, superintendent of the department, thought they’d done a terrific job.

“Size was right, solid,” he said, hitting the box and hearing a satisfying “thunk.”

The only problem, he thought, was that it was a flat black, “and kind of dull.”

Some ideas were bounced around until he thought that maybe some school children would enjoy painting it to liven it up a bit.  He mentioned the idea to Steve Kessler, foreman of the department.

Mr. Kessler knows Jeremy Bauer, principal of Stranahan Elementary School, and a few informal discussions led to the box being transported to the rear of the school.

Carrie Armstrong, the art teacher at Stranahan, said it was decided that the youngsters would paint the sides of the box with the leaves from trees native to northwest Ohio.

Before painting began the students were able to do some research on the differences in the trees and the different appearance of their leaves.

Each side of the 10-ft. tall container has three segments so each of the K-5 classes was assigned a segment to paint. Teachers, administrators, and others got to paint a leaf onto the 8-ft. wide rear.

Ms. Armstrong said some painted freehand and others used stencils, “but they all really enjoyed it.”

Dr. Bauer seconded that thought, saying, “the kids are really into it.”

He added, “I give the township a lot of credit for thinking to do this. It’s a neat project for them and something between the schools and the township brings a sense of community.

Ms. Armstrong noted that a lot of the students and their families will be looking for the box as it joins others in the annual leaf pickup currently underway.

Several of the youngsters were on hand as the box was loaded onto the bed of a Sylvania Township truck and driven back to the garage.   

As it headed away they broke into spontaneous applause.  

Zone Change Recommendation  October 7, 2020
The Lucas County Plan Commission has voted to recommend a zoning change for an office building at 4930 Holland-Sylvania Rd, across the street from the Sylvania Township Administration Building.

The applicants for the action, Jeffrey and Robert Lydy, said the change from professional-business office, to general commercial, will allow for a greater range of businesses allowed in the 9,000 sq. ft. multi-tenant building.

The application noted that a nail salon and a massage therapist had inquired about renting space, but that neither business was allowed under the current zoning.

The county plan commission staff recommended approval noting that the change will not have a negative effect on surrounding properties.

The Sylvania Township Zoning Commission will next consider the requested zoning change and make a recommendation to the township trustees for a final decision.

2020 Leaf Pickup October 7, 2020
Although the leaves have not yet begun their annual cascade in Sylvania Township, road department crews have tested and prepared the necessary equipment to start the annual leaf collection process which will begin Oct. 19.

Leaf collection will continue until the township completes its last cycle beginning Nov. 30. Each cycle through the 174 miles of roadway takes about 17 days.

Residents again this year will be able to track progress by going to the road department on the township website. There you can find a township map divided into 23 grids. Locate the property you’re interested in and call the township leaf-collection hotline at 419-517-1620. A recording, updated daily, will inform you where the collection has taken place and where crews are expected to be working next.


Rob Nash, manager of the road department, said a strict schedule is difficult to maintain because when the most leaves will fall can’t be predicted with much accuracy and because rain and snow can delay efforts to pick up the leaves.

Last year’s collection was made more difficult, he said, because the trees held their leaves later than usual.  That increases the likelihood of crews not only picking up the leaves but battling cold, snow, and ice.

He said the department each year aims for three sweeps of all streets in the township.

The road department generally hires up to 10 temporary workers to help with the annual task.

Mr. Nash said that due to coronavirus issues, the department this year has rented a trailer which those workers can use as a break room for lunch and a place to store any items they may bring to work.

Some property owners have begun to make the chore a little easier on township crews by using a mulching mower and simply mowing over the fallen leaves to provide nutrients to their lawns over the winter. Several studies have found it is a beneficial way of dealing with fallen leaves as well as providing lawn enrichment.

Leaves cleared from the yard should be placed alongside, but not in the roadway, Mr. Nash said.

Much of the collecting is done using large vacuums which can be fouled if sticks, garden waste, or other matter is in the leaf pile.

The road department asks that you not use plastic bags and be sure the leaf pile does not include anything but leaves.

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