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Sylvania Township Police Awarded Grants
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The Sylvania Township Police Department announced today the department has been awarded $29,444.68 for two separate grants from the Ohio Department  of Public Safety.

Chief Long

Chief Paul Long

Sylvania Township Police was awarded a “Selective Traffic Enforcement  Program” grant for $15,472.34  where all traffic laws will be enforced with emphasis on speed violations and enforcing seat belt and child restraint laws.  Through implementation of this grant, high visibility enforcement will raise public awareness and address non-compliance of  seat belt use.  Also awarded was an “Impaired Driving Enforcement Program” grant for  $13,972.34.  

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“Clearly, impaired driving and other related crashes constitute a major threat to the safety and  well-being of the public. Through implementation of this grant, the Sylvania Township Police  Department wants to significantly reduce deaths, injuries, and property damage caused by  drivers who are impaired by alcohol or drugs,” Chief Paul Long said.  

The federal grant period will run from October 1, 2021 through September 30, 2022.