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BUCKEYE BROADBAND  October 29, 2019
Buckeye Broadband is seeking authorization from the Ohio Department of Commerce  Video Services Authorization Division to continue providing service in Sylvania Township and other local areas and to include them in its state-issued video-service authorization.

In a letter to the township, the cable company said the law prohibits the extension or renewal of current franchise agreements, so further authorization from the State of Ohio is required.

Other entities are the cities of Maumee, Rossford, and Oregon, the village of Harbor View, and the townships of Springfield, Washington, and Spencer.

There was a time when each local government granted individual franchises to those seeking to provide cable television service in those jurisdictions.

In 2007, Ohio enacted a law taking that authority away, and granting to the Ohio Department of Commerce.

Oliver Turner, Sylvania Township administrator, pointed out that even when the original franchise was granted by trustees it wasn’t granted as being exclusive to Buckeye.

Some local misconceptions about Sylvania Township’s relationship with the cable company may have been bolstered by a notice printed on each bill. It read: Your Local Franchise Authority is: Sylvania Township Trustees.”

When it was pointed out to Buckeye Broadband officials a few months ago,  it was quickly discontinued.

John Borell, assistant Lucas County prosecutor and an attorney for the township, said at the time that he would sometimes get questions or complaints from people concerning Buckeye and he would tell them the township had nothing to do with the company.

“They don’t believe me, but we don’t,” he said.

Under the current agreement, Sylvania Township collects five percent of Buckeye proceeds generated from the township. State law provides local governments with the authority to collect such revenues.

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