UPS delivers holiday smiles
Sylvania UPS delivery seen on Ring video gets laughs, goes viral

A Sylvania UPS delivery experience that got caught on a Ring video is making the rounds on social media, and it's all good.


"We don’t catch many interesting things, but my youngest sometimes will ring the doorbell to call his dad to say Hi while waiting for the bus," explained the Sylvania mom who posted the video.  She said that they have had the video doorbell for several years.

The Tremblay family lives in Sylvania Township in the McCord area.  Mom, dad, and the three kids all got a good laugh out of the video, so mom decided to post the one-minute video online to share some joy with her Sylvania neighbors.


"We loved his enthusiasm.  I’m sure they are all so overworked and exhausted so it’s great to see him spreading some holiday cheer."

In the video the masked UPS delivery man is seen placing a package on the porch, ringing the doorbell, then saying "Happy Holidays."  As he turns away to return to his truck, the young man in brown shorts and brown hoodie unexpectedly jumps off the porch with an acrobatic flair, turns back to face the camera again,  and in a brief "from me to you" pantomime he puts his arms out wide as if embracing the whole world, then points to his heart, and then points back at the house.  He then casually runs back to the UPS truck and drives away. 


The family noted that this was not their usual UPS delivery driver, and it was actually the first time they had seen the young man.

The December 23, 2020 delivery was first posted online in a Facebook group for Sylvania residents, and it has since gone viral, giving good cheer far and wide.  watch video

UPS delivers smiles in Sylvania, Ohio

Video: Neighborhood in Sylvania, Ohio is enjoying their holiday deliveries.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Enjoy a holiday stroll down Memory Lane with Sylvania News...

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