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The Wagonlander family arrived in Sylvania, Ohio in the 1800's.  Since their arrival, Wagonlanders were an integral part of the growing community, serving in local government, operating vital business ventures, and even, for a time, acting as cemetery caretakers

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There was a Wagonlander's dry-goods store ( later to be called a "department store") on Main Street from the turn of the century until the 1960's.

During the decades that the Wagonlander's were serving the needs of Sylvanians in their shop, the business itself was moved to different locations on Main Street.  The family store was once located at four different addresses on Main Street, and today at those addresses you will find:  Fuller Art House; Beautiful Blooms by Jen; J & G Pizza Palace; and Fiddle Stix. 

To be entered in the  Weekend Winner drawing, you must correctly choose which Wagonlander's location is pictured in the photo outlined in red below (circa 1910) and submit your answer online over the weekend using the form on this page.*   One winner will be randomly selected from correct submissions received by 11:59 pm Sunday night, June 28, 2020.  The Weekend Winner prize for June 27 & 28, 2020, is a $50 gift certificate to Sautter's Market.

THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED Winner to be announced in the Sylvania community newsletter and on this page.

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Contest photo (L-R: Park, John, and Jess Wagonlander, circa 1910)

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Note:  Sautter's Market, Fiddle Stix, Beautiful Blooms by Jen, Fuller Art House, and J & G Pizza Palace are not affiliated in any way with this contest or sponsor.

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Though dubbed “The Lathrop House” by a Sylvania group which has turned it into an Underground Railroad attraction, this house has been known by many names, and home to many families since it was built in 1853.

In the year 1889, cemetery caretaker George Wagonlander and his family resided here.


What tragic stories and memories the grave digger brought home every night we cannot know, but one must imagine the tales were plenty & sorrowful. For Mr. Wagonlander was also appointed to Sylvania’s Board of Health, thus was charged with keeping Sylvanian’s alive-- and burying them if he didn’t.  Perhaps he would find it ironic, if he were with us today, that his old home now overlooks Suicide Hill. 


How did that happen?  Winter snow turns this hillside into a dangerous sled ride, and so for at least 50 years the slope has been called “Suicide Hill”  by locals. 


The Wagonlander family home was originally closer to the cemetery, but in 2004 the house full of forboding and mystery was moved to make way for a new school and parking lot…and so, just by chance (or karma--or destiny), the cemetery caretaker’s home now perches atop Suicide Hill, making for a very creepy ghost hunting destination.


Rumors of ghost sightings have increased since the move, whether or not that means the old grave digger approves, we’ll never know (unless, of course, he decides to make an appearance, instead of just watching visitors through the darkened windows…). 

*Reprinted with permission, "Haunted Sylvania," 2013.

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