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Women of Toledo celebrates Women’s Equality Day

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August 26 marked 100 years since the passage of the 19th Amendment, which gave women the right to vote.  In Ohio, women won the vote on June 16, 1919.  Now celebrated nationwide as Women’s Equality Day, August 26 gives us the opportunity to reflect on the contributions of the suffragists, learn about women’s history and commit to advancing gender equality in the future.

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Women of Toledo along with area leaders celebrated Women’s Equality Day by participating in two separate virtual interactive presentations dedicated to educate, engage, and empower our female community (and HeForShe) pertaining to our current political, economic and social issues.* 
*(Those who missed the live event can still view the presentations on the Women of Toledo site and YouTube channel).

"There's nothing like being in an environment full of women who are ready to lift each other up and help everybody in the room succeed," shared Sylvania's Kristina ElSayed, Assistant to Managing Director for Women of Toledo.  "It's an amazing thing that I had never experienced before I started attending Women of Toledo events three years ago.  There is just something that kind of happens when everybody is there, and they just are excited to be there, and they know everybody is there to learn about something, or to grow together, or if they can do anything to help's a really neat energy."

ElSayed encourages other women in the area to look into the programs, events, and services offered by Women of Toledo so they too can be part of what she calls "the awesome energy." 


The August 26th event will be included on the Women of Toledo YouTube channel, where other presentations can also be viewed. 

(learn more at ) . 

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Sylvania resident Kristina ElSayed, second from left, enjoyed the International Women's Day 2020 Women of Toledo event held earlier this year with Fowl & Fodder owner Alicia Wagner, Sylvania student and activist Noor Abukaram, Women of Toledo Managing Director Nina Corder, Ohio's "The Matriots" director Shiloh Todorov, along with several hundred women from around Northwest Ohio.

Sylvania's Pat Nowak, standing, also took part in the Women of Toledo's International Women's Day 2020 event held earlier this year at The Pinnacle.


Presentation I at 11:30 am to 1:00 pm:

"A seat at the Table" forum session led by Diana Patton, RISE Advocate.  Guest Panelists: Dr. Sharon Barnes, Associate Professor and Chairwoman of the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies in the College of Arts and Letters of the University of Toledo, Candice Harrison, External Communication Manager for the Toledo Public Schools and Katie Moline, at-Large Councilwoman for Toledo City Council. 

Presentation II at 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm:

"Re-vision 2020 through a Woman Lens of past, present and future" mentorship circle led by Dr. Angie Fitzpatrick, Director of the Eberly Center for Women of the University of Toledo.  Guest Mentors and topics featuring: Business & Finance with Michelle Pommeranz, Lehner Carroll Shope Capital Management, Advocacy & Economic Injustice with Katy Crosby, Chief of Staff, the City of Toledo, Health & Wellness with Dr. Erin Marten, DNP, CNM, Mercy Women's Health Physicians and Midwives and Race & Education with Kelley Webb, Principal Consultant at the Matching Peace. 

womens equality day a seat at the table

"Seat at the Table" panel forum

With the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, women won the right to vote, and with it a seat at the table in politics and government. Empowered by this victory, they soon gained rights and opportunities in other fields as well.

One hundred years later, Americans are celebrating the gains women have achieved throughout society. Yet much remains to be done. Women are half the American population, yet there are still many tables at which they have too few seats. The remaining challenge in the quest for true gender equality is achieving an equal number of seats for women and men at the tables where important decisions are made.

Discussion for panelists: In the 100 years since the passage of the 19th Amendment, women have made gains in countless career fields beyond politics and government. Yet they often have faced challenges and obstacles not experienced by men in those fields. And they continue to face challenges. Speaker details and program session information to be announced soon.  (click to register) 

Women's Equality Day evening

Mentorship Circle in conjunction with National Equality Day

08.26.2020 6 pm to 7:30 pm

#EducateMe of the Past-Present-Future on women’s issues.

In each session, we will engage with diverse thought leaders from a variety of fields that will spark dialogue about the past, present, and future to keep moving forward.

Zoom space opens at 5:30 pm for Past-Present-Future Slide show of the suffrage movement of all this amazing suffrage & anti-suffrage ephemera, political cartoons dating to the women’s suffrage campaign era in the U.S. Courtesy of Library of Congress.

Moderator: Dr. Angie Fitzpatrick, ECW & WOT Responsive Advocacy

(15mins each)

Women, Business & Finance with Michelle Pommeranz

Women, Advocacy & Economic Injustice with Katy Crosby

Women, Health & Wellness with Erin Marten, CNM

Women, Race & Education with Kelley Webb, Matching Peace

.  (click to register) 

Given the importance of this milestone, during the opening of this presentation, Women of Toledo will also share a Past-Present-Future Slideshow with photos and images of the suffrage movement & anti-suffrage ephemera, political cartoons dating to the women’s suffrage campaign era in the U.S. Courtesy of the Library of Congress. 

Guests can learn more by visiting 

-Also, to keep in touch follow Women of Toledo on Facebook:

Established in 2014, Inclusive for Women Inc. DBA Women of Toledo (WoT) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization serving the Greater Toledo community that advocates for diversity and inclusion with a focus on economic empowerment. The organization offers programs and services that help tackle issues critical to women’s economic advancement and interrupt various biases in the workplace, marketplace, community, and family. For more information on WoT and other initiatives, please visit 

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